Family Violence

Family Violence Protective Orders: 806-481-3361

    • Our goal is to present cases on behalf of victims of family violence and obtain a protective order to prevent domestic violence and abuse and seek enforcement of such orders as required. The goal is also to enforce protective orders by civil contempt actions. The enforcement procedure will focus upon court ordered counseling, child visitation, child support, attorney’s fees and penalties due to the County
  •  -file protective order applications
  •  -obtain protective orders;
  •  -make educational and public information presentations;
  •  -effectively monitor protective orders to detect violations
  •  -file civil contempt actions
  •  -obtain orders of contempt
  •  -make educational and public information presentations

How can I get a protective order?

  • Apply for a protective order through the Parmer County Attorney’s Office, 402 3rd St., Parmer County, Texas, or through a private attorney. Generally, you must apply where you or the abuser live. There are no minimum time limits to establish residency. Protective orders are available in every county in Texas.


  •  -Your relationship to the person alleged to have committed family violence.
  •  -The facts and circumstances concerning the alleged family violence.
  •  -A valid address for the person alleged to have committed family violence; and
  •  -A specific request for a protective order.

-Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the Applications process

  • The victim should file for the order as soon as possible after the family violence incident has occurred. Also, if any other incidents of family violence have occurred in the past, the victim must provide this information on the application, with as much detail as possible.
  • There is no filing fee or cost associated with obtaining a protective order. All court costs and attorney’s fees will be recovered from the person alleged to have committed family violence when and if the Judge issues a protective order.
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