Probation Department Mission Statement

The 287th Judicial District Community Supervision and Corrections Department is committed to:

  • Providing for public safety
    • by accurately assessing individual offender needs and potential risks to public safety;
    • by timely response to violations of supervision; and
    • by holding the offender accountable for his/her behavior through the administration of sanctions.
  • Providing quality services to the Court(s)
    • by assisting the Court(s) in decision making through the preparation of accurate, quality and meaningful investigations and reports;
    • by recommending and applying the most cost-effective and efficient sanctions in lieu of more expensive alternatives;
    • by effectively supervising those persons sentenced to community supervision; and
    • by enforcing of the orders of the Court(s) in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Maximizing the rehabilitation of offenders
    • by recognizing that people are capable of change;
    • by being knowledgeable of and applying available, effective programs and sentencing alternatives/sanctions that reinforce law abiding and socially responsible behavior; and
    • by providing services and programs that afford opportunities for offenders to become more law abiding, productive citizens.
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