What services does the Victims’ Rights Division provide?

  • Initial Contact: Contact victims by mail as soon as the case is accepted for prosecution.
  • Case Status: Provide on-going, up-dated case status information.
  • Criminal Justice System Information: Explain court procedures and schedules.
  • Crime Victim Compensation Fund: Provide information and assist victims of violent crime in filing applications for benefits.
  • Victim Impact Statements: Provide information and assist victims of violent crime in completing a Victim Impact Statement.
  • Referrals: Direct victims to community resources and social services.
  • Restitution: Collect information on victims’ property loss and forward to prosecutors; serve as a conduit for the payment of lump sum restitution to crime victims.
  • Court Accompaniment: Accompany victims to court upon their or the prosecutor’s request.
  • Testing For Sexual Assault Defendants: Coordinate AIDS and other Sexual Transmitted Disease testing for defendants indicted or who waives indictment for Sexual Assault, Aggravated Sexual Assault and Indecency with a Child by contact.
  • Transportation Assistance: Provide bus passes to assist in transportation to court.
  • Anatomical Dolls and Drawings: Provide dolls and drawings to assist prosecutors in the interview and testimony in child abuse cases.
  • Court Orientation Coloring Books: Provide coloring books and crayons for children preparing to testify in court.
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